ParaFilm® Products and Floral Tape


Free, practical ideas are available to you in Bemis Flexible Packaging Floral Designer Pointers series.

Bemis Flexible Packaging 'how-to' sheets featuring Floratape® stem wrap and Parafilm® floral tape will contribute to your enjoyment and skill in floral arranging, from corsages, bouquets and boutonnieres to cascades and garlands.

You now have convenient access on-line to download PDF files of our top requested Floral Design Pointers sheets.

Number Topic HTML PDF
FDP-01 Pre-Fabricated Wedding Bouquet - The Clutch Method html pdf
FDP-02 Pre-Fabricated Wedding Bouquet - The Round Bouquet html pdf
FDP-03 Foliage Accents for Corsages html pdf
FDP-04 A Basic Carnation Corsage html pdf
FDP-05 Wrapping Stems Properly html pdf
FDP-06 Floral Trees html pdf
FDP-07 Corsage Timesaver html pdf
FDP-08 Garland Hairdos html pdf
FDP-09 Feathered Flowers html pdf
FDP-10 Ivy Strands html pdf
FDP-11 The Violetta Corsage html pdf
FDP-12 Lily of the Valley - Wiring and Taping Techniques html pdf
FDP-13 Wiring and Preparing Phalaenopsis html pdf
FDP-14 Wiring and Preparing Stephanotis html pdf
FDP-15 Basic Boutonnieres html pdf
FDP-16 The Duchess Tulip html pdf
FDP-17 The Glamellia Corsage html pdf
FDP-18 Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) Corsage html pdf
FDP-19 The Rubrum Lily Corsage html pdf
FDP-20 Attendants’ Scepter html pdf
FDP-21 Corsage Bows html pdf
FDP-22 Cut Flower Stem Extensions html pdf
FDP-23 Orchid Wiring html pdf
FDP-24 Elegant Nosegay Corsages html pdf
FDP-25 Corsage Plate html pdf
FDP-26 Floral Valentines html pdf
FDP-27 Old-Fashioned Valentine Bouquet html pdf
FDP-28 Foliage Corsage Idea html pdf
FDP-29 The Rose-Camellia Corsage html pdf
FDP-30 The Mum Corsage: College-Carry Mum html pdf
FDP-31 The Multiple Corsage html pdf
FDP-32 The Colonial Bouquet html pdf
FDP-33 Corsage Braces html pdf
FDP-34 Corsage Clasp for Fur Stole, Shawl or Prayer Book html pdf
FDP-35 Selling the Arrangement - Part 1, How to Develop a Customer Service Attitude Before the Sale html pdf
FDP-36 Selling the Arrangement - Part 2, Three Ways to Generate Enthusiasm in Yourself html pdf
FDP-37 Selling the Arrangement - Part 3, Find a Need and Fill It html pdf

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